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To: General Practitioners in Carlow

Provide Abortion Services in Carlow

Provide Abortion Services in Carlow

We want General Practitioners in Carlow to sign up to the new abortion service as stated under the Regulation of Termination of Pregnancy Bill.

Why is this important?

Carlow is one of the four counties in which not one single GP has signed up to provide the abortion service to people.

People in Carlow campaigned tirelessly for abortion and Carlovians voted overwhelmingly for local healthcare.

We have ended the need for people having to travel abroad.

Carlow cannot continue to export people seeking healthcare to other counties.

Carlow, Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • I voted for choice for my female friends and relatives. I would like to see them be allowed exercise their choice
  • We voted overwhelmingly for change and yet, at every step, the government and the church lobby are trying to keep women in a box, and to deny them the basic human right to bodily autonomy.


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