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To: National Transport Authority

Protect the trees on Grattan Crescent

This campaign has ended.

Protect the trees on Grattan Crescent

*****Deadline for submissions has been extended until end of April. We will be collecting signatures here until Wednesday 10th April. Please keep sharing.****

The National Transport Authority’s (NTA) “Bus Connects” transport plan proposes to
undertake significant changes at the entrance to Inchicore National School at Grattan Crescent.

The proposal is to cut down the mature trees outside the school and reduce the size of the path in order to widen the road to accommodate two bus lanes and two general traffic lanes.

The trees are an integral part of the site and the village landscape, and their removal would have an negative impact on the character and setting of the historic village centre. The school itself has won awards, designed specifically to engage with the tree canopy on Grattan Crescent. The new school building is designed to fit seamlessly into the existing landscape. Current generations will not benefit from any semi-mature replacements.

The pathway outside the school is a safe and sociable space and is essential for parents collecting children. This is the only workable entrance. Also the path affected is directly across the road from the much used playground where children and parents gather after school or to wait for older siblings to finish. Any increase in traffic or speed would be dangerous to road users.

The public consultation period is open until the 29th of March (Brexit Day). There is information online at Our route is Project 7, Liffey Valley - City Centre and deals with Inchicore specifically at 2.24 (page 12) & page 47 & 48, maps 19 & 20 at section 6.

The Parent’s Council are proposing to make a submission and would appreciate your help by writing your own letters of protest and/or signing our petition to refuse the proposed changes
which will be sent to

Core Bus Corridor Project
National Transport Authority
Dún Scéine
Harcourt Lane
Dublin 2
D02 WT20.

Our petition will be available to sign at the school gates each morning and we will make this online version with Uplift available to sign also, until the deadline. Please follow Hscl Ins on Facebook for future information, and other updates on school happenings.

Thank you,

Inchicore National School Parent’s Council

Why is this important?

Integral to our school

How it will be delivered

Deliver in person or by post.

Inchicore, Dublin, Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • We should be replacing concrete with trees, not the other way round! Inchicore has seen enough destruction in the past, we don't need any more bad decisions.
  • Those trees were there before us. It's our duty to see that they remain after us. Take care of the trees and they'll take care of you.
  • Trees are very important for the village


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