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  • Save our Four Districts Woodland Habitat
    We need to preserve the wild woodland habitat which currently links the villages of Rathcoole and Saggart. This site, by our local park, has real potential as an amenity for our communities, as a haven for wildlife and as a living example for nature education. Wild green spaces are becoming rarer in South Dublin. Spending time in nature improves our mental and physical health, and reduces stress. The woodland provides great walking trails. The trees, wildflowers and waterways within are vital habitats and food sources. They enable birds, frogs, mammals and insects like bees and butterflies to thrive. Trees absorb water, lessening local flooding. They release oxygen, improving our air quality. They store carbon, helping against climate change. Help to secure the woodland for future generations. Please visit us on Facebook
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    Created by Susan Healy
    It looks as if all routes leading to City Centre will suffer a great loss in trees/wildlife.. And Shane Ross, Minister for Transport and the National Transport Authority have been extremely vague on what steps they are willing to take to avoid this! Quite simply, this is not good enough: Dublin you have a choice to make, Dublin you have voice to be heard, Dublin this is your city and your home, Dublin don't just let them do what they want this time! Dublin there must be an ecological balance in progress and the future. DUBLIN IF WE GET THIS WRONG THERE IS NO GOING BACK TO FIX IT.
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    Created by Bó Owen Picture
  • Tyler
    Trees Policy for Cork City
    Over the past few years, there has been a sense of worry and shock among people living and visiting Cork who wish to protect the natural heritage of this city. The following events have caused irreversible and profound damage to trees in the city: -Storm Ophelia: Over 500 trees blown down. No replanting schemes. -Pruning works to mature trees at the Lee Fields and The Lough -The removal of trees in the city centre on the grounds of 'health and safety' -The removal of mature trees in the St. Lukes area -The paving of paths along Centre Park road where historic Lime trees were blown down during Storms Ophelia and Ali. With significant development planed for Cork over the next 20 years it is important that the City Council have a strategy for how we protect existing trees in the city and introduce new trees.
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    Created by Conn Donovan
  • Dublin
    Save the Four Masters' Park
    The Four Masters' Park is a small green lung on Berkeley Road in the heart of the North inner-city; one of the very few. It has many historic resonances, as it commemorates the Annals of the Four Masters while the memorial itself was commissioned by Sir William Wilde and executed by James Cahill. It was given by the Sisters of Mercy for the benefit of the local community. The current plan for the new MetroLink is to consume a substantial part of our green space for the new metro station. Less than 100 metres away from our park is a station already built under the Mater Hospital. This was a part of the old Metro North plans at the time Leo Varadkar was Minister for Transport in 2012. €20 million was spent on installing a station box beneath the new adult hospital. The Metro North enabling works were completed in 2013 under the Mater Whitty Building by BAM Contractors Ltd on behalf of the Railway Procurement Agency. It makes no sense to waste €20 million of public money and destroy a beloved local park. Recently, two vacant industrial sites nearby have been identified as possibilities, yet neither have been investigated by MetroLink. Please join us in supporting this campaign.
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    Created by Pauline Cadell
  • Letterkenny
    Stop the Felling and Delimbing Of Trees at Glenveagh National Park
    In a very wild and barren landscape, there are very few forests in Glenveagh National Park. The trees offer protection for wildlife, allowing many mycelium species to flourish, insects, birds, and all wildlife benefit from the forest. The roots help reduce flooding with this enormous amount of rainfall, and the lake often coming up on the banks. The Trees, take in this access moisture. They also are wind shelter and the original estate owners planted these forests for this reason. Wind Shelter, Nature Preservation, Wildlife shelter, and simple enjoyment of the beauty and peace of the forest. These trees that are already being cut along the river path, are well over a hundred years old. What the Native Americans call "Grandmother Trees". Please stop cutting and start loving the trees of Glenveagh!
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    Created by Jeanne Mae
  • Dublin
    Save Shankill Village
    166 properties (minimum) will be impacted by the project on Route 13, with removal of parking spaces in Shankill village, 330 roadside trees removed and new bus lanes introduced in acquired land spaces such as gardens and green areas. All for a maximum of 10 minutes (which we believe is exaggerated) saved bus time from Bray to City Centre. The proposals impact local businesses, parking for elderly and disabled, damage and destruction of local heritage such as the old railway bridge, safety issues for school children, environmental damage and harm to local wildlife and not least, impacting local's gardens, green areas and quality of life. Sign this petition, familiarise yourself with the plans on the website, and send in your objection through their online form here: Route 13 Bray to City Centre Proposal Brochure: Objection:
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    Created by Save Shankill Village Picture
  • Stop felling healthy trees!
    County councils around Ireland have been felling hundreds of healthy roadside trees with no consultation and no prior notice to local residents according to numerous reports and photos like the one above from Waterford. It is claimed that this is at the behest of insurance companies and for fear of insurance claims.* Though statistics show that your chances of being killed by a falling tree in a public space are 1 in 20,000,000.* Dublin City Council's Tree Strategy notes roadside trees as being vital for many reasons. "Trees clean the air, provide natural flood defences, mask noise and promote a general sense of wellbeing. Within the higher density areas of the city trees have considerable beneficial impacts on the lives of those who do not have immediate access to other more traditional types of open space. Trees, for example, can add colour, interest and beauty to our busy streets. Within the city, urban trees contribute significantly towards many environmental and social benefits, such as journey quality, biodiversity, temperature regulation and habitat." Extinction threat: Over the past few decades we have lost 75% of all insect life globally. Recent research shows that insects in Ireland are dying off even faster than the alarming global average, for some species it's over three times as fast*. One in four of all species of wildlife in Ireland is also threatened with extinction. Without insects we will have ecosystem collapse and our ability to grow enough food to feed ourselves will be drastically affected. Trees support a multitude of the insect species that are under threat in Ireland. Oak trees support over *423 species* of insects and mites. Though it is unthinkable today, felling hundreds of healthy trees now is making it almost inevitable that crops will fail and we will experience food shortages in Ireland in the not so distant future.
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    Created by Deirdre O'Leary
  • Galway
    Establish a Public Parks Warden unit in Galway City
    Public parks, woods and other green spaces are more and more recognised as essential to the health of people and to the wellbeing of the planet. Sadly Galway city’s public parks are increasingly suffering from anti-social behaviour that is undermining all of the great work that has been undertaken over so many decades by volunteers of all ages. Issues such as litter, dumping, destruction of seating/tables and tree felling are undermining not only citizens’ enjoyment of our valuable green spaces but are also impacting negatively on wildlife species. It is well past time that Galway city follows the centuries-old example of Dublin and Belfast in having dedicated full time park wardens. Such on-the-ground staff could regularly carry out essential maintenance, act as tour guides, dramatically decrease acts of vandalism and in the process restore public confidence and usage of a rich diverse range of meadows, forests, wetlands and parks that would be the envy of most other European cities.
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    Created by Brendan Smith Picture
  • Ballina
    Belleek Woods must be a park, not commercial forestry
    This week the Government-owned forestry company, Coillte, has destroyed a large section of mature trees in Belleek Woods -- it follows a Coillte felling operation in 2014 that resulted in the death of nesting heron chicks. The woods is too important to the people of Ballina, wildlife and tourism in the town for it to continue as commercial forestry -- commercial felling has gone on too long. It needs to stop now and Belleek Woods needs to be redesignated as a park. Earlier this year Coillte sold Moorehall estate, south of Castlebar, to Mayo County Council. It was reported that the estate will be developed in collaboration with the National Parks and Wildlife Service of the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht. A similar transfer from Coillte to the council is needed in Ballina. Large scale tree felling needs to stop now. Mayo County Council needs to buy or be given Belleek Woods from Coillte as soon as possable.
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    Created by Cian Ginty Picture
  • Dublin 2
    Save The Iveagh Gardens
    The Iveagh Gardens were given to the state by the 2nd Earl of Iveagh (Lord Iveagh) for the people of Ireland on the condition that they would not be built on and would be preserved intact as a 'lung' for the city. They are a protected structure, area of conservation (Z9) and a public park. Part of The OPW's remit to the Gardens is to conserve 'a unique city centre park, which has remained largely unaltered since its layout by the landscape architect Ninian Niven'. Incredibly an Bord Pleannala have granted permission for part of the Gardens to be used to accommodate a four story Children's Science centre. The museum will be built at the East side of The Gardens where they adjoin the National Concert Hall. To facilitate it they will demolish the 140 year old wall, home to a bat population, fell the magnificent old trees and destroy wildlife habitat. This precious woodland area of the park will be covered over by a new plaza, concrete ramps and street lighting. The scale of the four story building will visually impact on the Gardens to such an extent that the unique nineteenth century walled garden character will be destroyed forever. This goes against the OPW's own remit; 'to conserve the internal and perimeter vegetation to screen out adjacent office blocks and buildings'. This development which demonstrates such casual disregard for a heritage structure and treasured public park must not be allowed to go ahead. We strongly disagree with the planning reports conclusion which states; “On balance, the new building and plaza would make a positive contribution to the public realm and the works would not affect the integrity of the Iveagh Gardens which is a Protected Structure.” As well as the destruction of the Gardens there are also financial questions as to who will fund the running of the museum. It will cost €3million a year yet so far no government department has accepted responsibility to fund it. Are we going to sacrifice a treasured public space for a large white elephant? We must not allow this expensive unwanted building plan to go ahead. Let the Ministers know that we want The Iveagh Gardens to remain intact, preserved and protected. Please sign and share this petition.
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    Created by Pom Boyd Picture