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To: Dept of Environment and all County Councils

Stop felling healthy trees!

Stop felling healthy trees!

We are facing a climate crisis and an extinction crisis. We need trees to take CO2 from the air and give us oxygen. We need trees as habitat for insects which are dying out even faster in Ireland than globally.
At the same time, since last November it's reported that County Councils all over Ireland have been felling healthy trees at an alarming rate. This is grossly short sighted.

We demand that County Councils employ a qualified arborist to protect our trees and that no trees are cut in public spaces without prior public consultation.

Why is this important?

County councils around Ireland have been felling hundreds of healthy roadside trees with no consultation and no prior notice to local residents according to numerous reports and photos like the one above from Waterford. It is claimed that this is at the behest of insurance companies and for fear of insurance claims.* Though statistics show that your chances of being killed by a falling tree in a public space are 1 in 20,000,000.*

Dublin City Council's Tree Strategy notes roadside trees as being vital for many reasons. "Trees clean the air, provide natural flood defences, mask noise and promote a general sense of wellbeing. Within the higher density areas of the city trees have considerable beneficial impacts on the lives of those who do not have immediate access to other more traditional types of open space. Trees, for example, can add colour, interest and beauty to our busy streets. Within the city, urban trees contribute significantly towards many environmental and social benefits, such as journey quality, biodiversity, temperature regulation and habitat."

Extinction threat:
Over the past few decades we have lost 75% of all insect life globally. Recent research shows that insects in Ireland are dying off even faster than the alarming global average, for some species it's over three times as fast*. One in four of all species of wildlife in Ireland is also threatened with extinction. Without insects we will have ecosystem collapse and our ability to grow enough food to feed ourselves will be drastically affected.

Trees support a multitude of the insect species that are under threat in Ireland. Oak trees support over *423 species* of insects and mites. Though it is unthinkable today, felling hundreds of healthy trees now is making it almost inevitable that crops will fail and we will experience food shortages in Ireland in the not so distant future.


Reasons for signing

  • A tree should never be cut down without very good reason. It about time we stopped allowing the insurance industry dictate policy in this country! Halting climate change must be the priority.
  • We need trees we need to save nature and our nature
  • Every tree helps! We are facing a global crisis.


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10,000 signatures reached

2019-03-03 07:47:44 +0000

5,001 signatures strong! Thank you everyone! Legends! If you would like to find my friends Save Ireland's Trees on Fb and leave a comment as to what you'd like to come from this, please do. I'm thinking it's a coalition of all biodiversity and environmental groups to push for a high profile national strategy on wildlife habitat regeneration- including our trees, bogs, rivers, lakes, seas.

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5,000 signatures reached

2019-02-26 01:51:59 +0000

Thanks for all the signing and sharing, people! Together we're a formidable force. Almost 1,000 signatures a day!
But with it the bad news - every second or third person responds with a story of massive tree destruction on their road.
This is looking widespread and urgent. We're losing masses of trees!
Please keep sharing on social media, email, whatsapp and talk to people about what's happening.

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