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To: Glenveagh National Park

Stop the Felling and Delimbing Of Trees at Glenveagh National Park

Stop the Felling and Delimbing Of Trees at Glenveagh National Park

Stop cutting the trees along the river, lake, lanes and paths. Glenveagh National Park has been cutting trees down since before Christmas 2018. Planning the cuttings to take place during holidays, or putting signs up saying restoration, where they are cutting. Glenveagh has been cutting native trees, including Birch and Holly as well as Old Growth Pines. Before Christmas, the long ornamental hedge wall along the castle lane that was part of the original gardens was demolished entirely. A hedge well over a hundred years old and part of the gardens. They have even cut and delimbed old growth evergreen trees along the river path and lake path. Enough is Enough. The National Park needs to stop all this cutting. Even during the bird nesting months, which is illegal to be cutting trees down at this time. These trees have been here and were part of the original estate before the owner kindly gave it to the Irish government. All trees and wildlife should be protected here. He did not just donate a castle to the state, but the land also to be protected and enjoyed by many generations. Cutting these old trees down, is taking the legacy away and destroying the rights that children and tourists and nature lovers have to enjoy. Even the Pines here provide natural antibacterial agents to keep the wildlife healthy. Eagles use this for their nests, and it's been proven there are healthier Eagle chicks that are born in the vicinity of Pine Forests and have it built into their nests. It's concerning that they're delimbing trees. Doing so kills the root system of healthy and stable trees

Why is this important?

In a very wild and barren landscape, there are very few forests in Glenveagh National Park. The trees offer protection for wildlife, allowing many mycelium species to flourish, insects, birds, and all wildlife benefit from the forest. The roots help reduce flooding with this enormous amount of rainfall, and the lake often coming up on the banks. The Trees, take in this access moisture. They also are wind shelter and the original estate owners planted these forests for this reason. Wind Shelter, Nature Preservation, Wildlife shelter, and simple enjoyment of the beauty and peace of the forest. These trees that are already being cut along the river path, are well over a hundred years old. What the Native Americans call "Grandmother Trees". Please stop cutting and start loving the trees of Glenveagh!

Glenveagh National Park, Churchill, County Donegal, Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • We are so arrogant as a species that at times we must really stop and remember we are gifted our place on this planet and it could be taken away if we continue to destroy it.
  • I have fallen in love with these trees. It rips at my very soul when they are chopped down. The selfishness of those cutting them astounds me. To take away such beauty from all the people who come here. So very few places exist where people can go to be in nature and have peace. And yet when they come here, there are chainsaws cutting these trees down


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