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To: Minister for Environment and Communications



There must be no tax on individuals who merely want to keep their homes and families warm in winter!

Why is this important?

People will die with the cold for fear of having a high heating bill.

Also, the true causes of climate change need to be taught; 4.2 kilo year events, Schumann's Resonance weakening, thermohaline cycles slowing and solar activity. These are the true causes of climate change not you the individual heating your home!

And the 100 companies who create over 70% of all CO2 emissions most likely will pay no fines, it will be you and your family that pay fines for them.

Now, that the Green Party (who aren't very green, as we see from their plastic waste in election posters) have had big wins Fianna Fail/Fine Gael (one party different name) will use the excuse to introduce CO2 tax and blame the Green Party



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Reasons for signing

  • i do not trst this Government to do anything right
  • No way to Carbon Tax
  • Be proactive not reactive. Tax's finishing to assist climate change. Actions , tangible actions aid in reducing climate change


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