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To: TD, City Council, Transport Authority

Don't cut the 79 Bus route from Cherry Orchard

Don't allow the Transport Authority take away our buses in Cherry Orchard. If this happens a lot of people will become isollated...and this can lead to mental health issues and other issues

Why is this important?

There will be a public meeting in the Ballyfermot Civic Office at 7.30pm on Tuesday the 4th September. This meeting is to voice the feelings of residents regarding the cancellation of the 79 bus route from the main road up through Cherry Orchard. This means that anyone living in Cherry Orchard will have to walk to the main road of Ballyfermot to access buses. For all young and old it is very important to turn up and voice your concerns in protest of this proposal. As well as the 79 they want to remove the 76 bus route altogether and change the route of the 18 that will no longer go through Palmerstown or out as far as Sandymouth. All support is greatly needed to prevent our local needs from been taken away. There is public consultation on the 19th September between 3 and 7pm in the Ballyfermot Civic this is happening, it is very important that residents and people who work in the Ballyfermot area to meet together as a community to develop a community stance.

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