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To: Rialtas na hÉireann/The Irish Government

Fast-tracking of a Bypass of Kilrane Village

We call upon the Irish Government to fast-track a bypass of Kilrane Village in light of the increased traffic on the N25 going through the village to access Rosslare Europort since the implementation of Brexit in January 2021. We must stress that as a community that we are delighted to see Rosslare Europort thriving and welcome the added wealth and prosperity that this will bring to the whole area, but life in Kilrane Village should not be adversely affected by this. We welcome the announcement in December 2020 of a new access road to Rosslare Europort. We request that Kilrane be included as part of this new access road development and for the new access road to link north of Kilrane Village as a matter of urgency. We request this in light of the fact that Kilrane National School sits on the N25 and this increase in HGV traffic passing the school poses a great risk to the children of the school and area.
We greatly welcome the progressive decision taken by Wexford County Council on the 1st of December 2020 regarding the new access road to Rosslare Port, a decision rectifying many issues around Rosslare Harbour regarding the transportation of freight in the area. We feel strongly as residents of Kilrane Village, that we should be afforded the same solutions to the same problems as were afforded to Rosslare Harbour. We urge the Irish Government to begin the process of urgently rectifying these issues and to begin discussions with all the relevant stakeholders to bring these issues to a safe and satisfactory conclusion for all, especially for the children of this area. We believe that our proposed solutions fit in with the strategic aims for Kilrane and Rosslare Harbour.

Why is this important?

The fast-tracking of a bypass of Kilrane Village is crucial to the safety of the children of the area as Kilrane National School sits directly on the N25. Haulier traffic in the port increased 500% in the first week of Brexit.
The increase in traffic since Brexit we believe also creates many current problems and potential future problems in the development of Kilrane Village and for the quality of life of the residents of the village and surrounding area. We believe that the issues highlighted in the attached full petition cover the concerns of the residents of Kilrane and the surrounding area.
The full detailed petition can be viewed at this link:

How it will be delivered

We plan to deliver this petition to our TD's in County Wexford.

Contae Loch Garman, Co. Contae Loch Garman, Éire

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