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To: Wicklow County Council

Community Swimming Pool for West Wicklow

We, the residents of Blessington and surrounding areas, would like Wicklow County Council to commit to the provision of a community swimming pool for our area.

Why is this important?

Blessington and the surrounding areas have a growing young population. Presently the residents must travel outside of our community to Naas or Tallaght to access swimming facilities. The nearest community swimming pool to West Wicklow, provided by Wicklow County Council, is in Bray, an hour drive away from Blessington by car. According to the 2016 Census the municipal district population of West Wicklow is over 26,000 people. A community swimming pool would be of great benefit to the local communities and would help promote physical exercise, water safety and provide local employment. We believe that a community swimming pool needs to be provided for the growing population of West Wicklow.

Blessington, County Wicklow, Ireland

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