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To: Taoiseach Simon Harris TD

Appoint a Senior Minister for Women and Equalities

Appoint a Full-time Minister for Women and Equalities in the new government

Why is this important?

Ireland needs a long-term plan to fix unfairness in how women, girls, and other groups are treated. Countries like the UK, Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Sweden, Denmark, and Canada have special government jobs, called Minister for Women or something similar, to look after these issues. It's time for Ireland to think about having a Minister for Women, just like these other places do.

This job should be someone's only job, and they need to have everything they need - like time, power, and resources - to really make a difference.

A Minister for Women would work on finding and changing the barriers that make it hard for everyone in Ireland to have the same chances in jobs, school, sports where they live, and other important areas of life. They would make sure no one is left out or treated unfairly because of their gender, if they're married or not, their family situation, how old they are, if they have a disability, who they love, their race, their religion, how much money they have, or if they're part of the Traveller community.

How it will be delivered

In person to the new government


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