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To: Leo Varadkar, the Taoiseach of Ireland

A 'no carbon' New Year

The Irish government need to do three things:
STOP burning fossil fuels,
increase renewable energy technology and
tackle energy efficiency especially in our homes.

Why is this important?

At COP 28, Leo Varadkar spoke on the news about false solutions, like carbon capture and storage. These insufficient solutions are a distraction and so many people around the world know this truth. As young people, we already know that burning fossil fuels is causing climate change and that fossil fuels are responsible for 75% of greenhouse gas emissions. We are the ones that will have to face the climate chaos that we didn’t create.
We need to make sure Ireland does not fall into the trap of the fossil fuel industry!

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Bella, Aya, Zoe, Lucas, Tom, Roisin & Riley!
students from North Wicklow Educate Together secondary school


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