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To: Limerick Council

Reallocate Road Space to Walking and Cycling in Limerick City #WeNeedSpace

To enable the required social distancing during the current crisis Limerick Cycling Campaign and the Irish Pedestrian Network now call on Limerick Council to urgently implement the following:

1. Reallocate road space to people walking and cycling – widen footpaths to 3 metres and introduce a circular segregated cycle route in and around the city encompassing either Shannon Bridge or Sarsfield Bridge using cones, bollards, planters and signage.

2. Automate pedestrian signal crossings during daylight hours and increase pedestrian crossing times across the city.

3. Temporarily lower speed limits to 30 kph in urban and suburban areas.

4. Support a weekly Cyclovia event – where certain streets are closed off each Saturday to facilitate exercise and play whilst observing physical distancing.

Why is this important?

Limerick Cycling Campaign, the Limerick Cycle Bus and the Irish Pedestrian Network are launching the #WeNeedSpace campaign calling on Limerick Council to provide safe, usable space across the city for people to shop, exercise and commute by walking and cycling during the current crisis.

Research published by Sports Ireland on the 30th April shows an additional 500,000 regular walkers, 450,000 runners and 220,000 cyclists. These numbers show a huge increase in people using public space to move around and exercise. This positive cultural change in how we use our streets should be further encouraged by making more space for people to get out and stay healthy during these difficult times.

It’s very difficult for young families in the city to get fresh air and exercise while trips to parks and beaches are off-limits. We need to facilitate safe segregated cycle routes in the city to encourage family and more cautious cyclists to come out and get some exercise. A circular segregated cycle would open up the city to young people to get their exercise in a safe way.

These temporary actions in response to the current emergency, would be strategic in creating a positive cultural change to make our towns and cities more liveable and contributing to a much needed boost in footfall required to aid the economic recovery when we move beyond the current crisis.

Please support this campaign by signing and sharing on social media using the hashtag #WeNeedSpace and read our letter to the Council on the Limerick Cycling website.

How it will be delivered

The petition will be delivered to Limerick Council City Manager Pat Daly in City Hall.

Limerick, Ireland

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