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To: LGBT, GAA clubs, players, supporters etc.

Vocalise gay rights in GAA community

Vocalise gay rights in GAA community

Vocalise and normalise the inclusion and stop discrimination of gay players/club and team members within the GAA community- both gaelic, hurling, camogie etc.

Why is this important?

Men playing for GAA are often subject to discrimination, rumours, harassment, abuse and bullying as old-fashioned club and Gaelic values like to hyper-masculinise Gaelic sports, leaving little room for the openness and encouragement of actively “out” (or closeted) homosexual/gay GAA players, clubs should adapt morally and respectfully to the ever changing world and stop hiding in the shadows of “Old Ireland” ‘s tradition of hyper-masculine, “strong men only” in GAA and widen their eyes to the recognition and importance that sexuality does not halt talent, and that players will feel emotionally more comfortable being recognised in their club for who they are, not just what they can achieve on the field. Proof of fear of being LGBT+ in the Gaelic community are players who have came out after they retire due to stigma during their playing career, e.g. Valerie Mulcahy, possibly the most successful Cork GAA ladies player winning at least 10+ All-Irelands; didn’t come out until she retired, Donal Og Cusack, Kilkenny hurling goalkeeper, didn’t come out until he retired and many more

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