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To: Local Politicians & people of conscience

Twin Cork City with Gaza City

Twin Cork City with Gaza City. The signing of a formal Twinning agreement facilitates the setting up of a long term, trusting relationship.
Twinning can seek to strengthen or develop common interests or express solidarity between the people of the two cities.

Why is this important?

What greater act of solidarity would it be than for Cork to twin with Gaza City?
Gaza was a beautiful and vibrant city before the repeated, violent Israeli attacks.
Both Cork City and Gaza City have suffered from acts of vengeance.
“The people of Cork have been on the streets ever since October. The solidarity has been heartwarming for me as someone who was born in Gaza and who has many friends and family still there suffering unimaginable hardship. It would be the greatest honor for them if our two great cities were to be connected by ‘twinning’. ”
Nasser Al Swirki. A son of Gaza living in Cork

UCC links: Gaza is a University City. All of Gaza’s universities now lie in ruins.
The Gaza City university has developed partnerships with 142 higher education institutions around the world. Let’s make UCC one of those partners!

CUH links? Al-Shifa Hospital was the largest medical complex and central hospital in the Gaza. We will need medical partners.

Environmental Links? Now destroyed. Wadi Gaza: In 2023 the Gaza Strip’s only wetland was slowly coming back to life.

How it will be delivered

To the Mayor and the executive of Cork City Council

Cork, Ireland

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