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To: Provost Linda Doyle

Trinity College Dublin: Boycott Israeli Apartheid!

The signatories of this petition call on Trinity College Dublin to take a principled stance against apartheid, colonialism, and military occupation in historic Palestine by endorsing the principles of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement.

Why is this important?

We call on TCD to boycott and divest from all companies which operate in historic Palestine or which are complicit in Israeli apartheid. This includes companies which manufacture arms or security technologies used by the state of Israel to carry out ethnic cleansing and implement apartheid against the Palestinian people.

TCD currently has links with 15 Israeli organizations, including academic institutions such as the Weizmann Institute of Science, which openly collaborates with the war-industry, including many companies involved in armaments, such Israel Aerospace Industries and Elbit Systems. Furthermore, College solicits services from Tel Aviv University, which develops war technology, trains lawyers to defend war crimes and sends Pro-Israeli delegations to foreign universities. Finally, College has links with Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, which is involved with arms research and technology, cooperates with the Israeli military and openly collaborates with the Elbit corporation. This makes every member of the college community complicit in Israel’s crimes and oppression of Palestine. We will not stand for this.

We call on TCD to cease all collaboration with Israeli universities in accordance with the guidelines laid down by PACBI, the Palestinian Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel. These guidelines call for a boycott of Israeli academic institutions, rather than individual academics, as these institutions have played a key role in the ongoing colonization of Palestine. We demand the immediate cessation of research cooperation with Israeli universities that is in any way connected with the security and military industries.

College Green, Dublin 2, Ireland

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2023-10-18 23:06:06 +0100

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2022-10-16 20:32:34 +0100

We welcome the changes to Trinity College Dublin’s Endowment Fund following campaigning by various groups on Trinity’s campus. Starting with an FOI request by Students4Change, a petition and protests by Trinity BDS, a long-term policy motion being passed by the TCDSU and activism by Fossil Free TCD, Trinity College Dublin’s endowment fund has transitioned to bespoke ILIM Climate Focused and Low Carbon Funds. These new funds exclude fossil fuels, tobacco and armaments. We welcome these developments and that through our campaigning, College has committed itself to socially just investments.

This College-wide transition is a significant piece of the response to the collective demands to standing against apartheid in all its forms. We view this as the beginning of a new phase in this battle and the next phase of our campaign. The Trinity BDS Implementation Group views this move as conducive to further action against apartheid on the academic, social and economic ends.

2021-10-06 17:02:45 +0100

100 signatures reached

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