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To: Provost Linda Doyle

Trinity College Dublin: Boycott Israeli Apartheid!

Trinity College Dublin: Boycott Israeli Apartheid!

The signatories of this petition call on Trinity College Dublin to take a principled stance against apartheid, colonialism, and military occupation in historic Palestine by endorsing the principles of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement.

Why is this important?

We call on TCD to boycott and divest from all companies which operate in historic Palestine or which are complicit in Israeli apartheid. This includes companies which manufacture arms or security technologies used by the state of Israel to carry out ethnic cleansing and implement apartheid against the Palestinian people, such as Raytheon Technologies and BAE Systems. TCD currently has investments worth €2.5 million in such arms companies, thereby making every member of the college community complicit in Israel’s crimes and oppression of Palestine. We will not stand for this and demand that the college divest from these companies and commit to boycotting all potential collaborations with such companies in the future.

We call on TCD to cease all collaboration with Israeli universities in accordance with the guidelines laid down by PACBI, the Palestinian Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel. These guidelines call for a boycott of Israeli academic institutions, rather than individual academics, as these institutions have played a key role in the ongoing colonisation of Palestine. We especially urge the boycott of Israeli universities wholly or partially in the Occupied Territories such as Ariel University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. We also demand the immediate cessation of research cooperation with Israeli universities that is in any way connected with the security and military industries.

College Green, Dublin 2, Ireland

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