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To: Dr Katherine Zappone T.D.

Stay-At-Home Parents Provide Childcare Too

Value all parents and children equally in the budget

Why is this important?

Childcare costs for stay-at-home parents - it costs 100% of their salary.

It's a matter of equality that any provision for childcare in the budget needs to be paid equally to these families, who are struggling to keep their heads above water. A payment to help one family and not another pits families against each other, when all families deserve to be helped. We need to put people first.

This is about giving every parent, regardless of their gender and their family structure, the right to choose how to care for their children, which is such a short period of their lives but can be such a struggle. All financial positions are comparative and what makes families poor is that they shoulder the financial burden of bringing up the next generation. This burden is every bit as real for those whose childcare costs involve them working at home for no money. It makes it harder to rent a house. It makes is harder to buy a house. And it makes it harder to put food on the table.

The fact that we do not have occupations in the public eye does not mean we don't exist and it does not mean that we don't provide a valuable service for society.

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