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To: Cork City Council, All Cork City Councillors & National Transport Authority

Save the Mangala

Do Not build the proposed bridge over the Mangala (Ballybrack Woods) or cut down ANY of the trees.

Why is this important?

Our beloved Mangala is a unique area of woodland in the heart of Douglas. It's an area of natural beauty and is full of biodiversity including many protected species. The destruction of natural habitats and mature woodland is not acceptable. The Mangala is also of huge historical importance because of its close connection with Morough Mills. The Mangolds, locally called Mangles, that gave it its name were grown there to be used in the mills. The woods is a haven that generations of us have enjoyed and continue to do so.
The people of Douglas won't stand for this.
We won't allow the destruction of OUR Mangala
Douglas, Cork, Ireland

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