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To: Community of South Dublin

Save our Four Districts Woodland Habitat

To sign our petition asking South Dublin County Council and our elected representatives, to rezone the Woodland from residential to open space and recreational amenities zoning ( Objective OS) to ensure the existing woodland habitat will be protected and managed into the future for the purpose of climate change, biodiversity, flood mitigation and human health benefits.

Why is this important?

We need to preserve the wild woodland habitat which currently links the villages of Rathcoole and Saggart. This site, by our local park, has real potential as an amenity for our communities, as a haven for wildlife and as a living example for nature education.
Wild green spaces are becoming rarer in South Dublin. Spending time in nature improves our mental and physical health, and reduces stress. The woodland provides great walking trails. The trees, wildflowers and waterways within are vital habitats and food sources. They enable birds, frogs, mammals and insects like bees and butterflies to thrive. Trees absorb water, lessening local flooding. They release oxygen, improving our air quality. They store carbon, helping against climate change.
Help to secure the woodland for future generations.
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South Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland

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