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To: Taoiseach, Boris Johnson, Arlene Foster & Michelle O'Neill

Revoke Green Card for NI travel to Eire.

I want them to consider the serious issue concerning the need for citizens in the North of Ireland to be in possession of a Green Card to travel to the South of Ireland, whilst no Green Card is needed for citizens in the South of Ireland to travel to the North of Ireland. We are all living on the island of Ireland and no Green Card should ever be needed or forced upon citizens who have enjoyed the benefits of living on this island.

Why is this important?

This is important because no such issue is being considered with regard to Scotland, England or Welsh borders within UK, or with UK, Welsh or Scottish travel to the South of Ireland. NI is being penalised on our own Island, to travel within our island, on the back of a BREXIT that the majority of NI Citizens voted against in the first place. This is our chance to stand and take our place today in the fight for tomorrow and demand Boris Johnson, Taoiseach and the NI Assembly Ministers listen to and seriously reconsider this decision.


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2020-07-26 13:22:08 +0100

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