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To: Cobh Municipal District

Public Bins needed in Haulbowline Amenity Park

Provide public bins at Haulbowline Amenity Park as a matter of urgency.

Why is this important?

The Ringaskiddy Tidy towns was started in the middle of lockdown in 2020 as a direct result of the huge influx of visitors to the village and surrounding area.

Unfortunately, an increase in visitors also meant an increase in rubbish, and after several weeks (and even months) of local volunteers collecting rubbish, the natural desire to increase the appearance of the village as a whole led to the establishment of a Tidy Towns group and committee.

Together we have collected 2.3 tonnes of rubbish in the past 12 months, over 400kgs of glass bottles and transformed the village and the surrounding backroads and beaches. Five beautiful old boats filled with plants and maintained by volunteers now adorn the village in strategic places. Huge planting and weeding projects have been undertaken successfully in the core of the village.

But for every thing we “prettify” every week we encounter illegal dumping, dog fouling, people leaving their coffee cups wherever they please , and so on.

This has only been exacerbated by the opening of Haulbowline Amenity Park.

We understand from a post on Facebook last month by Seamus McGrath TD that the wrong bins were installed at a cost to Cobh Municipal Council, and that they have no plans to install the correct bins.

It is not the fault of the residents of Ringaskiddy if unsuitable bins were installed .

“Encouraging” people to take their waste home is not going to work.

The idea that a public park would not have public bins in simply unworkable.

Whilst we were all still being encouraged to stay within our 5kms locals stopped going to the new park due to the levels of dog fouling.

We’ve provided bins of our own volition to our two local beaches, but we cannot maintain the new park by ourselves.

I’ve seen in an article published today on the Examiner’s Facebook page that Cobh Municipal Council seem to still be talking about the issue, meanwhile rubbish is being thrown into the sea, the county is opening to travel tomorrow, which may lead to more visitors to the area, and the summer is coming.

We cannot wait any longer.
Haulbowline, Co. Cork, Ireland

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