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To: An Bord Pleanala

Protect our grotto

An Bord Pleanala Refence 309781

We, the Friends of the Meath Street Grotto, ask that ABP uphold DCC’s decision to refuse planning permission for 4017/20, the 21 bed extension to the Molyneux hotel that now extends to the boundary wall of The Grotto.

This proposed extension would be visually overbearing and obtrusive and seriously injure the character, setting and tranquility of our Grotto.

Why is this important?

The Grotto is a much loved community site that the public has continually accessed for over 70 years.
It is a spiritual sanctuary for residents and visitors alike, a much used green area, a respite area for shoppers.
The Grotto is essential to the wellbeing and mental health of the community. It is in constant use by people of all ages and all creeds from all social classes.
The Grotto should be protected due to its importance to the cultural heritage and history of the Liberties.
It was built by Canon Francis Gleeson, parish priest of Meath Street from 1944, with the help of the local community.
It was built as a monument to those who died in The Great Wars. We believe that the proposed extension of the already permitted development will seriously risk the existence of this important local monument which is an integral part of the culture, heritage and tradition of the area.
There is already an oversaturation of hotels in The Liberties. Please protect our Grotto.

Dublin 8, Ireland

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