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To: Ennis, Clare County Council

Preserve Bird Habitat in Ennis

We want to protect the Birds and maintain their Habitat by establishing it as a Bird Reserve and restricting access to discourage vandalism to Birds and their nests.

Why is this important?

Bird Habitat is the last remaining natural area in Ennis town, and it is the center of attraction for our local community. The river bend in the center of town hosts various Birds, including; the Canadian geese and Greylag goose that have mixed with the Local Domestic goose, they are an affectionately viewed by us 'Ennis-eans' and passers by enjoy the entertaining display of the Mute Swans, Herons and Mallard ducks. We want our appreciation of nature as an inheritance for our future generation. Not only that, the Birds on the river Fergus enhance town's tourists attraction and are a center of interest for local business. Feeding the birds are a relaxing activity from the stress, and a quite time out for kids and parents on their way to and from the buzz of life.

How it will be delivered

We want over a thousand signatures to petition the County Council to establish this river bend as a Bird reserve, we have over five hundred at the moment. Then we present our petition to the Council and include all our supporting organizations. We would much appreciate your signature.

Post Office fielb by river Fergus, Ennis Co. Clare, Ireland

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