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To: All Elected Representatives


Support a planning system by the ordinary people for the ordinary people.

Why is this important?

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A brand new planning system designed by the ordinary citizens and most excluded first for the ordinary citizens and most excluded first.


The planning system governs most aspects of our lives and dictates how our land, natural resources and built-in environment are disposed of. Therefore every Irish resident should be able to take part in it. However, the reality is that only a few of us are able to do so: most of the time, taking part in planning requires financial resources, free time, specific skills, expertises, qualifications and finally established relationships with local authorities and elected representatives. In short, deciding about our land, natural resources and built-in environment is the privilege of a very few privileged among us.

Each and every day, all across Ireland, communities try to contest undemocratic planning decisions; however, they are not always successful. Sometimes, they put all their financial resources and energy in bringing a case to court. They may be able to succeed once, but the next day another planning submission is made and all their energy and financial resources are gone. It is obvious to us that cases cannot be solely fought on an individual basis; a more profound systemic change is also needed.

By signing the present petition, you support our demand for the implementation of a radically new planning system: we believe that everyone should decide about what the new system should be like, especially those who have long been excluded from local and national decision-making. We ask the government to organise a period of genuine consultation to define a new, inclusive, democratic planning system that would be equitably accessible by all. A planning system by the ordinary citizens for the ordinary citizens.

Finally, by signing the present petition, you support our demand that, whatever form the new planning system may take, it should be: free at all stages, inclusive of all forms of knowledge including local expertise, equitably accessible by all no matter your race/ethnicity/nationality, gender/sex, age, (dis)abilities, income, professional/family situation and living conditions and finally fully integrated at local, city, county, national level so as to avoid sacrificed communities/dumping zones.

Please fill in our quick survey about your own planning experience by clicking on the following link:


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