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To: AA Roadwatch

Normalise Cycling As A Commuting Choice

Normalise Cycling As A Commuting Choice

For the duration of National Bike Week, June 9th - 17th, we are calling on AA Roadwatch to sign off on each bulletin with the words "And if you're commuting by bike, there are no delays to report and you will almost certainly arrive at the same time as you do every other day".

Why is this important?

We need to normalise cycling as a commuter choice. An announcement such as this, coming from a motoring organisation such as AA Roadwatch, could also help to ease the "them and us" mentality that exists at the moment between motorists and cyclists, while at the same time highlighting one of the many benefits of commuting by bike.
Getting more people to commute by bike will benefit all other road users as it will lead to less congestion in our cities and towns.
Cycle commuting also has the potential, long term, of saving millions of Euro for the health services, both because of the improved air quality and the fact that studies continually show, people who commute by bike are healthier than the general population.
And there is safety in numbers: the more people that choose to cycle as their preferred commuting method, the safer it gets.

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Reasons for signing

  • because I believe we are traffic and in the future we will be "the" traffic.
  • I cycle to the Airport from Drogheda up and back once a week via old R132, the roads are a shambles and dangerous. There are a few of us that hook up when we can to commute and we then go via R122 via Naul in to St Margarets etc. A cycle lane from Drogheda to city centre would be used extensively as the distance is 45-50Km each way which you get used to after a while. If we had better roads and well thought out commuter cycleways I would commute more.
  • It would be great to get a few cars off the road by having adults and kids cycling to school and work. Jourbey times would reduce and levels of fitness would rise. It would also reduce pollution.


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