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To: Local TD's, an Board Pleanala and the Government.

Mayo Against Salmon Farming

Stop the unsustainable Salmon farming in cages in our bays. Stop the sea lice and diseases affecting native wild salmon. Stop poison filled Salmon entering our food chain.

Why is this important?

The salmon farming industry is detrimental to wild salmon, peoples health and the ecology of the bays where the cages are. Sea lice from the salmon cages easily infest little salmon making their journey to sea, and many don't return to breed. This massively effects angling tourism, coupled with escaped salmon who spread disease. The antibiotics and food used to farm these "organic" salmon is far from healthy. The E.U definition of "organic" is shocking, and I have never in my life heard of antibiotics growing in a field! Mussels and other native life is effected by the salmon farms, they must be stopped!

For more information or to help the campaign further contact Tom Moran via the facebook page:

Thank you!


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The Community groupGalway Bay Against Salmon Cages had great success with a similar project. The massive fish farm planned for clewbay had its license revoked, but they are reapplying. Lets get as many signatures as we can, as soon as we can. Watch out of us in Castleabar at our stand in market square. Paper petition there.