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To: Department of Education, HSE, Fianna Fáil, Fianna Gael, Sin Fein.


There are no “protective measures” in schools as per the governments road map. To ensure the safety of children & school staff we need:

1.COVID19 specialised ventilation with fans & filters; Dept of Education recommends rooms need to be kept above 16 degrees so fans & filters to remove aerosols hanging in the air are a necessity.

2. Funding for rain cover outdoors so time can be spent outdoors.

3. An online learning system for when children are out due to COVID19.

4. Smaller classrooms across the board achieved by having children in one day, out the next - this will half class numbers.

6. RAPID TEST & TRACE. CONTACT TRACING in line with ECDC & WHO guidelines. Close contacts of a positive case is every person in that same classroom over a period of TWO WEEKS not two days. Procedures & contact tracing must follow the same process as if the positive case were in The Dail. Currently the goal posts for close contacts has been moved countless times for schools.

7. Routine COVID19 testing for school staff.

8. Random mass testing of all kids in a classroom on a weekly basis with Positive figures published to the public.

Why is this important?

You, the Department of Education have a duty of care for the safety & protection of our children & school staff. Parents and school staff were promised “protection measures” yet none are in place. Now at level 5, there are still no safety measures and schools are reporting that when a positive case is in a classroom, they are unable to get hold of HSE and have no guidance only to get on with it and continue with positive cases within the class. NOT ACCEPTABLE.


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