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To: Ministers Finian McGrath, Shane Ross and Simon Coveney

Make DART Services Accessible

Upgrade DART services so they are fully accessible for people with a disability

Why is this important?

Ireland's 1993 Commission on the Rights of People with Disabilities made a statement that sadly still rings true today: "People with disabilities are the neglected citizens of Ireland... [but] they want, and are entitled to, equality and full participation as citizens."

In 2016 we’re still waiting to see full equality on our public transport systems. This is especially true of DART services, which are riddled with accessibility problems. But it's time for us to say enough is enough.

The Disability Federation of Ireland estimates that there are over 160,000 people with a disability in the Dublin area. On top of having to cope with various medical conditions, that's 160,000 potential DART-users relying on

- lifts that are often out of order
- platform ramps onto the train that don't work or don't exist
- live travel information that is inaccurate or inaccessible
- trained station assistants who aren't available in all stations

Each of these factors makes even the most basic journeys a headache to organise, and sometimes impossible! But all of these issues could be easily fixed if the government made them a priority.

Let's raise our voice for disability rights now. Call on the government to fix these issues and make DART services fully accessible for people with a disability.

Disability Rights Now is a People Before Profit campaign chaired by Richard Boyd Barrett and based on the feedback of local disability rights activists in the Dun Laoghaire area.

Dublin, Ireland

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