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To: Minister for Health

Justice for Philomena Canning

This campaign has ended.

We call on the Minister for Health to instruct the HSE to settle its court case with Philomena Canning. Philomena is terminally ill and wants the case settled before its to late.

Why is this important?

The co-founder of Midwives for Choice and its main driver, and a passionate advocate and campaigner for Repeal, Philomena is a midwife of long experience and a truly remarkable woman - quite definitely 'one of a kind'. Diagnosed with ovarian cancer some time ago, very sadly the cancer has returned and she has been given a terminal diagnosis - I believe the diagnosis is of a matter of weeks.

In 2014 she was suspended from her post as a midwife by the HSE on foot of an alleged incident. Philomena was completely exonerated by several separate reports on the matter, all of which concluded that her midwifery practice was 'exemplary'. She was reinstated by the HSE but could not resume her post. The HSE offered to 'settle' with her in the legal case which ensued, but at that time (2015) Philomena did not wish to settle (out of court), and continued her case for damages, to health and wellbeing, among other isues. Out of a 'deep craving for justice', and because 'the truth has never been revealed' Philomena is now seeking to have the issue of settlement to be raised again most urgently.

Dublin, Ireland

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