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To: Government of Ireland

Improving Nurses Pay

Nurses basic salary in Ireland is €36,000 and the basic salary for a TD is €96,000. This discrepancy is payscales is unjust and immoral. Nurses save lives and in the worst times, are by people’s sides as they die, they deserve so much more.

Why is this important?

After watching the RTÉ investigates special and watching the nursing staff of St. James’ Hospital fight COVID on a daily basis, it was harrowing to see just what our nursing staff went through and continue to do so. These nurses watched countless people die and treated them with the upmost respect on their passing even acting as their family members due to the COVID restrictions. Our nursing staff have gone above and beyond across the country to save lives. And as the restrictions are lifted, they continue to fight COVID in our hospitals. This is not over for them and they fear a second wave. Our responsibility as the public to say a small thank you to these amazing nurses is to lobby ever single TD in this country until we increase their wages. Enough is enough. These amazing women and men deserve so much more. This is the least we could do for them.

Below is a sample email to send to your local TD


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