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To: Chief Executive Dublin City Council, Mr Richard Shakespeare

Hands off Lower Inchicore sports pitches

We the community of Inchicore demand that new sports pitches be included in the housing plan for Emmet Road/St Michaels Estate (SDRA 9).

The current housing plan proposes that the sports pitches be removed entirely.

These pitches are a basic amenity for the community and are used daily by a large number of local kids, young people, refugees, special needs children and migrant workers.

New homes must be built WITH facilities so that the communities are sustainable, not at the cost of taking away much-needed existing facilities in the community.

We urge that sports pitches be included in the plan for Emmet Road/St Michaels Estate Inchicore.

We do not agree with privately owned, Goldenbridge cemetery being rezoned as a substitute recreational green space for lower Inchicore in November 2022. A working cemetary is not a suitable community space for sports activities. The existing playing pitches next to the community centre must stay, and be part of any regeneration plans.

Why is this important?

Children between 0-18 years of age have a legally protected ‘right to play’. By changing the zoning from community/playground to housing - on November 1st 2022, the full council violated the public sector duty and breached children’s right to play, beside Inchicore sports centre.

The zoning vote on November 1st 2022 was the culmination of the downgrading of the pitches by Dublin City Council. The pitches were declared 'unsafe' by an inspector from Dublin City Council and then they were locked, and new security company signs erected. New sirens had been installed and went off warning children to leave the pitch when they played there. The children had to cut a hole in the fence and break into the pitch to be able to play there. The children and their parents ignore these sirens and messages from the loud speaker. The council are actively driving people away from using the pitch. Decalaring the pitch a 'health hazard' is unacceptable and currently children have to trespass to access the basket ball/football playing pitches. Local people deserve better and will not stand for removal of sports facilities.
Dublin, Ireland

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