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To: Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe

Give Access to Pensions for Community Employment (CE) Supervisors

Implement a 2008 Labour Court recommendation that CE supervisors and assistant supervisors be given access to a pension.

Why is this important?

Despite having served the community as a CE Supervisor for over 25 years, my sister and many 100's like her, have been denied pension rights, as laid down by the labour court recommendation of 2008.
CE programmes have helped thousands of people who were long-term unemployed, or were disadvantaged, to get back to work by getting part-time and temporary work within the local community.
The work that has been done has been vital, both from the communities' perspective and from the employees' perspective. CE Supervisors were, and still are, a vital part of each community and the trojan work carried out by each supervisor must be treated equally and fairly in comparison to all other state employees and therefore should be given access to occupational pension schemes.


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