To: The HSE

Fund Muscular Dystrophy Ireland (MDI) in the Midwest region

Please provide funding for MDI (Muscular Dystrophy Ireland) in the Midwest region now

Why is this important?

I have Muscular Dystrophy myself and have had to fight so hard, as have thousands of others, for the most basic things, From an accessible shower to basic walking aids. In fact I had to buy my own walker, as I was told there was a huge waiting list. This piece of equipment is vital for me to get around safely and now one of the wheels is not working on it.

I and others want to have access to paid part-time work locally. Many among us are Hons Degree recent graduates.That is Level 8 and don't need other courses. It is very hard anyway to get into Level 9 courses locally full-time especially teaching as we find it next to impossible to find access to teaching practice in wide enough classrooms. Sadly that was my experience anyway in certain educational sectors.
Republic of Ireland

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