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To: Ministers Simon Harris and Katherine Zappone

Please End Mandatory Water Fluoridation in Ireland

Please End Mandatory Water Fluoridation in Ireland

Please bring a bill to the Dail to immediately reverse the 1964 Act that compels water authorities in Ireland to add Fluoride compounds to public water.

Why is this important?

ADDING FLUORIDES TO WATER is tantamount to child abuse because more than 100 scientific studies have shown that children who drink water with fluoride compounds added have lower IQs than children who drink fluoride-free water. Any policy that results in a lowering of children's intellectual abilities is a human rights abuse. Fluoridation has also been linked to a host of medical conditions, including bone cancer, (By Elise Bassin), to thyroid illness, Arthritis and Alzheimers Disease. Its presence in pipes degrades our ageing infrastructure faster and we know now that it is a huge WASTE of public money. The policy is estimated to cost us more the 10 million euro a year. So please act now to rectify this Fianna Fail mistake, for the sake of children's health.
Repeal The Mandatory Water Fluoridation Act of 1964


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Reasons for signing

  • Because it's very important.
  • In memory of Sr Rachel who also tried for years to get our gov to listen.
  • Simon Harris and Katherine Zappone are self serving bastards!


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