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To: Avoca

End Direct Provision: Avoca

Avoca management to cut ties with Aramark in the New Year as part of Avoca's New Years Resolution.

Why is this important?

The situation in direct provision is cruel, and people are stuck there for up to 7 years.

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What's wrong with the food it provides at direct provision sites?

Lack of nutritional food, chips almost every second day, a menu change every fortnight, little to no access to fresh fruit, no access to self-cater or ethnic foods.

This will be one of the biggest shame's on the Irish state since the Magdelene Laundries.

Aramark is a US owned company which provides the catering for 3 direct provision centers.

It's big, and it doesn't care about small protests against its own name. Aramark bought out Avoca during the summer from an Irish family, and it's quickly becoming one of their most important assets.

This will be highly impactful two days before Christmas. It's Avoca's busiest shopping period, and we intend to highlight Avoca and Aramark's ties to direct provision.

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Let's make some music, and cause a bit of a jam this Christmas.

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