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To: Wexford County Council

Don't Evict Ferrycarrig Families

Don't Evict Ferrycarrig Families

We are calling for Wexford County Council to withdraw their request to evict a family from their home in Ferrycarrig, Co Wexford from An Garda Síochána.

Why is this important?

URGENT: A family are to be evicted from their home on Ferrycarrig halting site tomorrow Monday the 20th of March if we don't convince Wexford County Council to withdraw their complaint from An Gardaí.

The family have small children and the council have failed to provide suitable alternative accommodation.

But, if enough of us sign the petition and send it to Wexford County Council before tomorrow - we could make them change their mind and withdraw their complaint.

Wexford, Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • This should not be happening to any family who have done nothing to deserve such treatment. Such actions belong in the 19th century NOt the 21st!
  • Human happiness is a right. If people do not have somewhere to live, they cannot be happy. Therefore, everybody should have somewhere they can call home.
  • We are losing the humanity in our society. The only reason this family are being evicted is because the Council cannot profit off them being there as it isn't a registered site. Please support these families. If we allow these evictions to continue without supporting one another in times of need, nothing is going to change and they will keep marginalising families. This is needless pressure being unleashed on vulnerable people who are left with few options.


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