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To: Randox Health/ UK Government

Demand Randox release Covid-19 tests

Release Covid-19 tests to the NHS without charge so that they can offer more testing to staff on the frontline and patients with severe symptoms.

Why is this important?

Randox received £23 million in public funds through Invest NI in 2018, and benefited from a research partnership with our two universities QUB and UU. Now they are selling at an extortionate price (£120 per test) at a time when people are worried about food and job security and how they'll keep a roof over their heads. Meanwhile our NHS is struggling as they don't have enough tests so that key healthcare professionals can continue to do their vital work on the frontline of the fight against this global pandemic. Demand that Randox releases the Covid-19 tests free of charge to the NHS and stops profiteering from this crisis.





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