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To: County & City Councillors

CETA Free Zone: Dublin Says No To Corporate Courts

CETA Free Zone: Dublin Says No To Corporate Courts

I am calling on Councillors to stand with their voters and local businesses by supporting a CETA-Free Zone motion here locally.
CETA is a trade deal between the EU & Canada, that signs us up to investor dispute court tribunals that allow corporations sue the Irish government for compensation if they think their profits are under threat as a result of changes to regulations.

Why is this important?

Investor Court System (ICS) is a dispute settlement tribunal where foreign investors and corporations can take a case against Ireland for 'perceived' breaches in CETA’s investment protection standards.
It allows investors to go straight to these special tribunals and sideline domestic courts and those of the European Union.
Once CETA is ratified, investor court decisions cannot be challenged by either the State or the EU - this is the equivalent of handing corporations a blank cheque!
Local communities and businesses across Ireland are fighting back. Together we are showing government parties and politicians that this form of corporate takeover is going to cost them dearly in the next election. And we need our local politicians to stand with us by supporting this.

For more info on CETA ICS, check out this fact checker:

Dublin, Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • Keep your democratic rights.
  • Corporations must not have the power to dictate policy to government.
  • Democratically elected governments and the properly constituted court system must not be by-passed by resort to ad hoc tribunals. The very threat that powerful corporate interests might sue a state in such tribunals could restrain a government from enacting proper regulatory legislation and standards.


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