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To: Edenderry, Tullamore & Offaly Councils

Fix Accident Black Spot R45RY83 Now

This campaign is about urgently fixing a six-inch drop on the road between Edenderry and Clonbulloge at Shean that has already killed 7 people (to my knowledge), the last being our beautiful 25 year old son.

Last September Ben McElvaney lost control of his bike when he reached this part of the road.

Were six other deaths not enough for road remediation to be carried out here? All this petition seeks to achieve is a road fix to prevent another family having to go through a devastating loss.

Why is this important?

Our petition is about the catastrophic effects of neglecting to fix an issue after the first death, not the seventh. Needless loss of life has a devastating effect on families and communities. Make the fix now.
Please sign this petition and support us as we work to bring the urgency of this need to the officials of Edenderry, Tullamore and Ofally
Thank you for signing, thank you for sharing this and stay safe on the road this year.


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