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To: Eamon Ryan


We want the Minister to continue the Coonagh/ Knocklasheen Northern distributor road as agreed by the people of Limerick and it’s communities.

The Minister is stopping a project that has 20 million euros spent on it. The project is vital to the Northside of Limerick and must proceed. Page 26 of the Programme for Government - Our shared future states that no project that started should be frustrated or delayed.

This is exactly what is happening- please sign and ensure democracy is followed and we are heard.

Why is this important?

This is important because 13 years of incredible work from the community and its stakeholders is being torn up because a Minister and his party believe they know more than Moyross community. This party have never tried to support our community and are now actively destroying its future.

This is important for all communities to show those who are publicly elected that they cannot deafen the voice of the people.

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