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To: Transport Infrastructure Ireland, Galway County Council & all local political representatives

Ballinasloe MUST be on The Athlone- Galway Greenway Route

Athlone to Galway Greenway MUST be routed through Ballinasloe to revive this East Galway Town and its surrounding hinterland to rejuvenate vibrant rural communities, reverse population decline and to avail of the areas incredible hidden heritage treasures, natural assets e.g. River Suck and the area's excellent activity based facilities.

Why is this important?

The Athlone to Galway Greenway being routed through Ballinalsoe is essential to:

- REJUVENATE much needed economic activity to revive a rural gateway to the west town and its surrounding hinterland.

-STIMULATE huge tourism activity in the area creating sustainable employment and endless business opportunities.

-ENCOURAGE health and well-being in the area to combat rising physical and mental health issues.

How it will be delivered

Via Galway to Athlone National Cycleway Scheme Public Consultation No. 1 Feedback Form

Ballinasloe, Co. Galway, Ireland

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