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To: Robin Swann MLA, Minister for Health, Northern Ireland

Allow Remote Abortion Provision in NI

Use his power of designation in accordance with the Legal Framework for Abortion NI to provide a telemedicine service to those requiring early medical abortions in Northern Ireland.

Why is this important?

In the next 13 weeks as the pandemic reaches its peak, hundreds of women and pregnant people in Northern Ireland will need an early medical abortion. The government must ensure that both patients and medical staff are not placed at unnecessary risk during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are all being asked to stay at home for the safety of the whole country. It is unacceptable that the health of patients and healthcare workers in NI will be put at risk by enforcing unnecessary travel to clinic appointments. We know that there is the capacity to provide a telemedicine in NI immediately. Millions of women around the world have successfully used abortion pills, which the World Health Organisation states are a safe and effective means of early medical abortion. Additionally other governments have recognised the need for abortion care at home during this crisis.

Failure to provide a telemedicine service will leave many women and pregnant people unable to access essential abortion care and may lead them to other unsafe means. It will also place unnecessary strain on healthcare services and put staff in danger during an already extremely difficult time.

We are calling on the NI Health Minister to;

(1) introduce remote consultations for abortion and no criminalisation for any nurse, midwife or doctor who provides remote abortion care during this emergency
(2) allow patients to take both abortion medications in the safety of their own home
(3) recognise there is no safe way to access abortion care in England during the crisis

Northern Ireland, UK

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2020-04-09 18:48:59 +0100

Everyone who signed this petition and shared all of our social media - we did it!!

2020-04-05 23:31:19 +0100

5,000 signatures reached

2020-04-03 11:52:48 +0100

Today we are waiting to hear what happens at Stormont - stay tuned for news!

2020-04-01 13:41:59 +0100

Women like Anna are being forced to travel via ferries to access basic healthcare, when the rest of the UK is being advised to stay at home. This is inexcusable. #StayHomeSaveLives

2020-03-31 15:24:07 +0100

Today's Assembly Debate on the introduction of Abortion Regulations to NI

2020-03-31 12:26:05 +0100

From Twitter - Clare Murphy from BPAS said
'Northern Ireland is going to be the biggest outlier with women having to travel the even further distances in the most horrific of situations. Why are we putting women on ferries - 8 hour ferry journeys - bleeding and exhausted, it's inhumane.' - @clareemurph @bpas1968

2020-03-31 11:52:51 +0100

CW: Self Harm

Alliance for Choice are shocked, but not surprised, to have the following experience brought to our attention. A person seeking an abortion had made arrangements with the Central Booking System to travel to England for an abortion. Before they could attend travel to the appointment was cancelled due to the Covid 19 Lockdown. The person then reported to their nearest hospital in Northern Ireland seeking an abortion. The medical staff there refused to treat them.

The following day, they were admitted to the same hospital after taking an overdose in an attempt to take their own life.

2020-03-30 17:55:28 +0100

1,000 signatures reached

2020-03-28 22:18:20 +0000

500 signatures reached

2020-03-27 16:58:00 +0000

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2020-03-27 16:28:46 +0000

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