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To: The Constituency Commission

Against Birdhill, Kilcomenty and Newport moving to the Limerick City Constituency

We want the Constituency Commission to reverse the decision to move Birdhill, Kilcomenty and Newport to the Limerick City Constituency for Dáil Éireann elections.

Why is this important?

This is important because these three areas are in the county of Tipperary and that is where all locals have voted previously. This is a decision that they were not consulted on and which has left many people infuriated.

All three areas will now be left in a situation where they will vote in Tipperary in local elections and in Limerick City for Dáil Éireann elections.

This leaves all areas in a precarious situation. The economic interests of all areas are best suited in Tipperary, where local and national politicians can work together in the best interest of the areas.
Tipperary, Ireland

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