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To: The Irish People

Abolish The M50 Toll Extortion

Sign this petition to abolish the M50 e-flow toll system which is extorting tens of millions of euros from the Irish people every year.

Why is this important?

Construction began on the bridge in 1987 and built by National Toll Roads (NTR plc is a private company). They built 3.2 km of road way linking the N3 and N4 including the bridge. In return for building and maintaining the bridge NTR plc received the rights to operate It as a toll Bridge for 30 years. (1990-2020)

Motorists have been charged daily for the use of this essential route for the last thirty years. In recent years and since the opening of the e-flow system, the state has allowed taxpayers to be charged 50 times the original toll fee for unpaid journeys even through a recession resulting in sherrifs being awarded court orders to break into citizens homes and hold their property to ransom.

The 30 year contract was finished in 2020 sign this petition to move to abolish this extortion. The Irish people pay through the teeth in terms of taxes and recieve next to nothing for their contribution. Help us raise awareness and end this additional austerity and sign this petition.


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