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To: Kildare County Council


We need immediate action on the provision of a safe pedestrian crossing in the centre of Kill Village. There is increased traffic through the village and it has become almost impossible to safely cross the main street at the busiest area around the supermarket and bus stop to Dublin.

Why is this important?

The safety and access requirements of all Kill residents both drivers and pedestrian has become treacherous with the increased volume of traffic through the village in recent years.
There was a serious accident recently involving a schoolchild trying to cross the street which has brought focus onto the safety issue.
There are also issues of access to housing estates and minor roads when there is no natural break in traffic and also no road markings or lights to allow a fair balance in the movement of said traffic.
It is now October 2020 and apparently KCC have been leading us on a not so merry dance, they say that although the funding is available and that a local firm offered to install the crossing... WE ARE NOT GETTING A PEDESTRIAN CROSSING. How can the decision makers sleep at night? KCC are happy to give planning permission for more houses to be built in Kill but are not willing to add the necessary infrastructure for the growing population!
A traffic count was conducted during lockdown, showing an unrealistic picture of traffic volumes through the village ... fantastic logic.
We as a community will not give up fighting for the safety of our village!
Kill East, Kill, Co. Kildare, Ireland

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