To: Ministers, MLAs, Libraries NI

Tell Libraries NI, Keep Stocking LGBTQ+-positive Books!

Transphobic politicians and newspapers are attacking Libraries NI for stocking trans-inclusive children's books. Libraries NI is highly receptive to pressure and we cannot let forces of bigotry command what they stock.

Why is this important?

Books and other media with LGBTQ+ themes are extremely important for young people who may be struggling to understand their own identity, as it gives them role models to look up to and allows them an opportunity to see people like them in the stories they enjoy!

Book bans, like the one being pushed by prominent Unionist politicians including MP Carla Lockhart are also incredibly discriminatory and hypocritical [1] - representation of non- heterosexual relationships should no more be banned from Libraries than heterosexual/cis gender relationships.

A child will not become gay or be "transed" by reading a book with a gay or trans character included.

We must not allow bigoted bad actors to import American culture war nonsense to Northern Ireland.


Northern Ireland, UK

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