To: Denis Naughton, Minister for Clean Air & Environment

Tax Diesel Soot Polluters

Put high tax on diesel cars, not pre-2008 petrol car owners.

Why is this important?

Diesel Cars emit soot and NOx toxic fumes and are polluting our clean air and are bad for peoples' health.

70% of new cars purchased in Ireland are diesel - insane - due to the crazy Motor Tax Law that penalises older pre-2008 petrol cars but promotes purchase of new diesel cars.

Paris to ban diesel cars from July 2017 ... many other cities to follow.

Irish Motor Tax Law is regressive, 2-Tier and bad for your health.
This Irish law puts high tax on pre-2008 cars and low tax on those who can afford new cars. It is socially divisive and totally unacceptable.

How it will be delivered

32,000 signatures already collected at will be submitted to the Minister with new signatures on this petition.


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