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To: Irish Water & Department of the Environment

Switch the Lucan water supply back to Ballymore-Eustace

Since March 2018, Irish Water has increased the supply of Hard water from the Leixlip Water Treatment Plant to areas of South Dublin (Lucan, Palmerstown and North Clondalkin). Previously these areas were mainly supplied Soft water from Ballymore Eustace WTP. Since October 2019 IW have issued with two boil water notices in as many weeks due to contamination of the supply. We now want our supply moved back to Ballymore-Eustace Water Treatment plant.

Why is this important?

This utility cannot guarantee the quality of the water coming from the plant. Treatment facilities for the bugs cryptosporidium and giardia at the Leixlip Water Treatment Plant are insufficient, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. We were never supplied by this treatment plant it was a very new move over to it last year. We were lead to believe that limescale was the only issue and perfectly safe for over a year now, since this petition was launched. Yet we discover that procedures were not being followed all this time through a report by the EPA. People have complained of stomach issues and flare ups on skin issues such as eczema and been ignored.

How it will be delivered

Through local Councillors working together. They are all aware of these ongoing issues.

Lucan, County Dublin, Ireland

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