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To: Dublin City Council.

Support Community Stables and Responsible Horse Ownership in Cherry Orchard

Provide an area of land in the cherry orchard area, for young community members to develop a comunity stables to house local horses and promote responisble urban horsemanship and horse welfare.

Why is this important?

There is a long standing tradition of Urban Horsemanship in the cherry orchard area.
At the moment horses are been left in fields because of no accesibility to local community based stables.
This project hopes to address some of tge issues faced by the state . It will reduced pounding costs and promote investment in good quality horses through group ownership. Young People engaged in horse ownership are not as likly to be involved in anti social behaviours when the have the Responsiblity of caring for their horse. Horse Ownership can also has a positive impact on a young persons mental welbeing.

Cherry Orchard, Dublin, Ireland

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