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To: Minister Edwin Poots

Support an ambitious Climate Change Act for Northern Ireland #ClimateActNow

Sign this petition to show your urgent support for an ambitious Climate Change Act in Northern Ireland #ClimateActNow

Why is this important?

Over ten years has passed since the UK Climate Change Act was passed and there is still no Northern Ireland specific Climate Change legislation.

Northern Ireland is lagging behind, urgent and ambitious action is now required. As proposed in the cross-party Private Members Bill, we demand that a Northern Ireland Climate Act must include:

- an overarching target to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions in Northern Ireland by 2045
- interim emissions reduction targets
- a duty on government to bring forward a Climate Action Plan with sectoral targets and relevant policies/programmes and clear carbon budgets for each sector (to be laid before the NI Assembly within three years)
- a duty on government to establish an independent monitoring and oversight body

Northern Ireland, UK

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